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Clair de Lune

Click here to open the gallery.Powered by Cincopa wp content plugins solution for your website and Cincopa MediaSend for file transfer. Clair de Lune Wikipedia says Clair de Lune is french for “moonlight.” It may refer to the third movement of Suite bergamasque by Claude Debussy, a piano depiction of a Paul Verlaine poem, it says. It […]


At least the honeybee can fly Lately I’ve been thinking about bees. In the paper a few weeks ago, a headline read: ‘Parasite blamed for death of 90% of honeybee colonies on Vancouver Island.’ They blamed climate change or a harmful parasite or maybe both. I didn’t read the whole thing. There was a picture […]

Maple Tree

10.10.10 (10pm) I am thinking now (seeing my naked tree today) that my tree reminds me of a great outstretched hand attempting to grasp something—the sky, the sun, its own fallen leaves on the earth just outside of the reach of its branches— and it reminded me once again of the irony in the fact […]


  * *                 *             *               *                   * *             *                    *                       * wwww  *                *          8          *          *      *         * * **           *       *     iNnn * * *      * 8*             *          *           *     *            *                *         *      8*                 * *       *                                           *                                   *                                          ter *                       […]

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day We were going to meet after work you walked and said: ‘Hey. I walked to work. Can you send a limo?’ I said: ‘Ok, but if you get outside and there’s just a pumpkin, you were too late.’ Ah . . . Cinderella. Cinderelly Cinderelly. I drove my pumpkin to pick her […]


February 24, 2010 In McSweeney’s #32, there was an attempt to revive dead or dusty forms of the written word. Among my favorites was the Pantoum: PANTOUM LIFE SPAN: C. 1400 AD-present; earlier in oral form NATURAL HABITAT: Malaysia CHARACTERISTICS: Repetitive, trancelike. A western descendant of the Malay pantum, a pantoum is a poem composed […]


Trost German to English Translation: Comfort february six twenty ten at twelve after two on a saturday afternoon: i went to the new Art Gallery on Sunday night. Built on the same spot as the old one, this new one is much newer. World Class. it’s all fluid and wavy and motion and water and […]