German to English Translation: Comfort

february six twenty ten at twelve after two on a saturday afternoon:


to the
new Art
Gallery on
Sunday night.
Built on the same
spot as the old one,
this new one is much
newer. World Class.
it’s all fluid and
wavy and
and water
and aurora borealis.
I fell in love with
the blond girl behind
the coat check. I don’t remember specifically
what it was that I fell so in love with but
whatever it was it was deeper than a
well and had more water than the
ocean. Which I didn’t even
know was possible
(You know, until then).
From the third floor
I had to smile to
think that yes, yes lady
yes (!) the rolling metal outside
through the window pane
grid did remind me of
that silly river floating
through my gridlike
city with the
silly smile
on its