Christ. What can I do? What can I do. I am paralyzed by my situation. In the coastal sea waters off the coast of Australia the box jellyfish patrols the waters of the Indian Ocean. Milky white globs of gelatinous plastic bag dangle meter long tentacles . . . no—two, three, four meter long! strings of electric appendages behind it as it cruises through ocean waters independent of the motions of currents. Covered in poison-filled and highly specialized harpoon shaped needles designed to inject its venom quickly and efficiently, and the venom—among one of the most dangerous in the animal kingdom—burns and stings but more importantly it will stop your heart and then your entire nervous system and you would float still in the sea and perhaps even be ingested if you were small enough or the box jellyfish large enough. There are several species. Some can swim up to three and a half knots an hour in pursuit of prey. Sea turtles are mysteriously immune. I am not a sea turtle.