These are some of my favorite books. Some are old. Some are new. Some are red. Some are blue.

Homer – The Iliad and The Odyssey
Virgil – The Aeneid
Michael Cervantes – Don Quixote
Leo Tolstoy – War and Peace
Dostoevsky – Crime and Punishment
Herman Melville – Moby Dick, or The Whale
Nabokov – Lolita
Edgar Allan Poe
J.D. Salinger – The Catcher and The Rye
Jack Kerouac – On the Road
Thomas Pynchon – Gravity’s Rainbow
David Foster Wallace – Infinite Jest
Haruki Murakami – 1Q84
Ginsberg – Howl
Christian Bok – Eunoia
John Glenday – Grain
Robert Hass – Time and Materials
David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas
Charles Taylor – The Malaise of Modernity
The Voyages of Jacques Cartier
Leacock – Canada